How to Freeze Bread Pudding? (the ultimate guide)

Mmm… what is better than vanilla ice cream & bread pudding? Can’t think of anything (I’ll wait)…


Freezing bread pudding is the answer you’re looking for whether you have any leftover bread pudding or are curious about whether or not you can create the dish in advance.


But this leads us to the next important question: how to freeze bread pudding? After doing the research, here’s what I uncovered…


Best Method: Double-wrap bread pudding in plastic. Transfer it to a smaller container than it was baked in. Wrap the bread pudding and place it in a freezer bag or container. Once dated and labeled, freeze the package.


After conducting additional investigation, I discovered additional information that is important for you to be aware of so continue reading…



What Happens to Bread Pudding When It Gets Frozen?

When bread pudding is frozen, a light layer of frost will form on both the top and the bottom of the dish. There is no avoiding it at this point.


Because the dessert contains a lot of moist ingredients, such as eggs and milk (or cream), part of the moisture will rise to the surface and freeze. This will cause some of the liquid to become solid.


Naturally, the pudding will have a greater amount of frosting if it is moister. Because the dessert contains a lot of water, it may get a little bit mushy once it has been thawed out of the freezer.


And considering that the vast majority of people like their bread pudding on the warm side anyhow, that is not an unreasonable request.


It is true that freezing bread pudding has some drawbacks, and it most certainly does not freeze as well as cheesecake does, but with a little bit of work (reheating), it freezes very well. Bread pudding can be frozen for up to three months.


How to freeze Bread Pudding? (3 simple steps)

The following is the procedure for freezing bread pudding:


1. Prep


If you are making your own bread pudding, wait until it reaches room temperature before serving. It shouldn’t take more than an hour at most.

The next step is to remove some of the excess moisture from the dessert by placing it on some paper towels and leaving it there for half an hour if it is too moist (there are little drops of water on the bottom). The final step is to slice or portion the pudding into as many servings as necessary.

2. Wrap

Put each serving into a plastic baggie designed for freezing, or first wrap it in plastic wrap and then put it in the bag. The longer you anticipate the item being stored in the freezer, the more crucial it is that it be wrapped. Below, I go into further detail on that topic.


When freezing individual slices, you must individually wrap each one before placing them in the freezer. Because the dessert is so moist, if you don’t keep them separate they will inevitably freeze together.

3. Freeze

Put everything in the freezer once you have labeled the bags, if that is what you decide to do. That sums it up nicely. The method does not need a lot of hands-on labor, but it does take some time before you can put a bread pudding that has just been prepared in the freezer.


How long does the bread pudding stay good when it’s been frozen?

If you want the highest quality from your frozen bread pudding, use it up within three months…


Naturally, the aforementioned time frame is merely a rough suggestion, and the sweet conclusion to the meal should be reached as quickly as possible.


But even if you leave it in the freezer for four or six months, there won’t be any significant change to the quality of the food. It’s possible that the overall quality is lower, but that’s about it.

Because it’s a sweet treat, you can expect it to have a satisfying flavor. The most important thing is to make sure that you don’t lose track of it, as this will prevent it from being forgotten about in the freezer for at least a year.


Because of this, I make it a point to use the majority of the items that I freeze within a month of when I initially froze them, while I am still aware of them.


How to Bring Bread Pudding to Room Temperature?

FYI: Bread pudding should be defrosted in the refrigerator…


Because the entire process takes between six and eight hours, it is recommended that the dessert be placed in the refrigerator the night before it is required.


Because there is a lot of liquid in the cake, bread pudding defrosts quite slowly, and it truly needs those six to eight hours or overnight to defrost completely.


If there is a lot of frost on the bottom, you might want to consider putting a couple of paper towels under the pudding so that they can soak up some of the additional moisture.


FYI: This is recommended if there is a lot of frost on the bottom. The objective here is to prevent the base from becoming totally saturated with liquid.

To determine whether or not your bread pudding is completely defrosted, you can test it by inserting a knife or a skewer into the center.


If it reaches the very bottom of the dish, then the dessert is ready to be served. Now that the bread pudding has been defrosted, it can be consumed, but the flavor will be noticeably enhanced if you reheat it.


Bread pudding purchased from the store…

If you chose to purchase your bread pudding rather than cook it at home, there is a possibility that the sauce was already poured on top of the bread pudding when it was sold to you at the store.


It wouldn’t be a problem at all if the sauce was served on the side. You can proceed with the preparation in the same manner as you would with handmade bread pudding.


If the pudding already has sauce on top, you should be aware that freezing and thawing it will probably result in a wet, soggy mess rather than a warm, syrupy dessert.


This is something you need to be informed about. If this is the case, you should put the pudding in the refrigerator and consume it over the course of approximately five days.


This will ensure that the pudding stays fresh. You can’t eat all of it by yourself, can you? Bring it to the office so your coworkers can enjoy it, or take a slice over to your neighbor and share it with them!



Options for Other Methods of Storing Bread Pudding?

There are other methods than freezing for storing this dish besides bread pudding. However, if you want to be able to enjoy it a few weeks later, you should freeze it in order to preserve its quality.


You can also keep it in the refrigerator for up to five days, but due to the fact that it has a tendency to dry up, some individuals may find it more convenient to consume it within one to three days of creating it.


Because the recipe calls for milk and eggs, both of which must be maintained at a cold temperature, it is not a good idea to leave the bread pudding out on the counter for an extended period of time.


How to Prepare and Serve Frozen Bread Pudding?

There are a few different desserts that can be made with the same ingredients as bread pudding, which can be helpful if you want to give an old bread pudding a new lease on life…


Different Ways to Serve Bread Pudding:


  • To make french toast, slice the bread pudding, lightly coat each slice in a combination of beaten eggs and milk, and then fry the slices in a skillet.

  • Cake pops can be produced by combining dry bread pudding crumbs with homemade buttercream icing in a mixing bowl.

  • Toast it on the grill for a delicious dessert, then serve it with ice cream.

  • Fry it, then serve it with whipped cream and the fruit of your choice on top.


Related Questions:

1. What to do with leftover bread pudding?


Add a little milk or milk that has been mixed with eggs to the meal. You can reheat bread pudding by putting it in the oven for ten to fifteen minutes with aluminum foil on top. Turn on the broiler for one minute once it has reached the right temperature. Take out of the oven and serve while it’s still hot.

2. How to serve bread pudding?


You can use any kind of bread, change up the spices or fruits, add chopped almonds or chocolate chips, and serve with ice cream or a sauce for dessert. It doesn’t have a limit. It can also be used to make a quick and easy dessert.


Final Thoughts

So, class, what did we learn today?


We now know that if we want to freeze bread pudding, we need to double wrap it in plastic. Put it in a smaller dish than the one it was baked in.


Put the bread pudding in a bag or container and wrap it up. Once the package has a date and label, freeze it. Also, when bread pudding is frozen, a thin layer of frost forms on both the top and bottom of the dish.


We can’t get around it any longer. Since there are a lot of moist ingredients in the dessert, like eggs and milk (or cream), some of the moisture will rise to the top and freeze.


Some of the liquid will turn into solids as a result. If the pudding is moister, it makes sense that there will be more frosting on it. Since the dessert has a lot of water in it, it may become a little bit mushy after being taken out of the freezer.


And since most people like their bread pudding warm, that is not an unreasonable request (or is it lol)? Enjoy the rest of your day, always stay safe, and treat others with kindness & respect.

How to Freeze Bread Pudding? (the ultimate guide)