How to Grill Hot Dogs on Stove? (3 step simple process revealed)

One of the most common types of comfort food in the United States, hot dogs are also referred to as frankfurters (they go by a lot of different names). You may find them in plenty in grocery stores, concession stands, fast food restaurants, and school cafeterias (long story short, they are popular).


How to Grill Hot Dogs on Stove?


1. Put a pan made of cast iron on the stove over medium-high heat. Include one tablespoon of butter in the recipe.

2. When the butter has finished foaming and the foam has died down, put one hot dog in the skillet.

3. It should take around three to four minutes for each side to become puffed up and start to brown after being seared, during which time you should rotate the pan at regular intervals.




Is Cooking Hot Dogs on a Grill the Most Effective Method?

Even though cooking hot dogs on a grill imparts a wonderful smoky flavor to them, grilling is not the only technique to prepare them… is this the most effective method?


That, though, can be argued either way, and it largely boils down to an issue of personal taste. When you are not familiar with how to use the grill, preparing food on it might be a little bit of a challenge.


Because it is difficult to adjust the heat, the exterior of the hot dog will burn before the interior can achieve the desired temperature. No one enjoys eating hot dogs that have been burned and have lost their moisture content.


The microwave is another typical method that many people use when creating a quick hot dog fix at home. Despite the fact that it is a speedy approach, cooking hot dogs in the microwave is not the most effective way to prepare them.


Because microwaves deliver heat in an uneven manner, there is a possibility that one end of the hot dog will be at a different temperature than the other.


Poaching, roasting, broiling, steaming, and sauteing are some of the other ways that hot dogs can be cooked; all of these processes are superior to using a microwave to prepare them.



A Guide to Purchasing the Tastiest Hot Dogs

When purchasing hot dogs, you should aim to purchase the highest quality hot dogs that are within your price range. Look for dogs that have the following characteristics:


  • Uncured hot dogs are the superior option since they do not include any nitrates or nitrites, making them a more nutritious selection.

  • You get that delightful “crack” from the hot dog skin when you eat natural casing hot dogs since they are made with one hundred percent beef.

  • Casings or skins are used in the production of all hot dogs, which are then precooked. Investing in hot dogs with natural casings is something I strongly advise.

  • Skinless hot dogs are those in which the casing has been removed after cooking; this is indicated by the name of the product.

  • Natural Casing… The snap that is so satisfyingly heard and felt is caused by the casing. It is vital to stay away from hot dogs that have an artificial casing since, after being cooked, the casing might become tough and rubbery.


3 ways that people prepare their hot dogs

1. Over the Open Flame


The smokey, refreshing taste of a summertime barbecue is something that can only be achieved by grilling your hot dog. Plus, there are no dishes or utensils to wash afterward (can you say win, win situation).


  • Start up your barbecue grill… you want one side of your grill to be hotter than the other, while the other side should be cooler. FYI: If you are using a charcoal barbecue, lay additional coals on one side of the grill. If you have a gas grill, make the appropriate adjustments to the knob settings.

  • The hot dogs should be cooked on the side of the grill that is at a lower temperature so that they can heat all the way through without getting burned on the outside. You want to achieve a color that is in between brown and red.

  • Prepare by searing for one minute on each side.

  • Transfer the hot dogs to the side of the grill that is now hot.

  • If the deep brown color on your hot dogs hasn’t developed yet, move them to the hot side of the grill and keep turning them until they reach the desired appearance. This will ensure that they are cooked well.

  • Serve… remove your hot dogs off the grill, add toppings in the manner you like, and dig in!


2. While using a microwave


The convenience of being able to prepare a hot dog in the microwave in less than a minute is the finest thing about doing so.


  • Either set the hot dog on a plate and cover it with a paper towel before placing it in the microwave, or wrap it in a paper towel before placing it in the microwave. FYI: Because the paper towel absorbs the moisture that is released from the hot dog while cooking, the dog stays pleasant and juicy even after being cooked.

  • Put the heat up high. Begin timing with forty or fifty seconds for one frank. Add approximately 20 seconds for every additional person.

  • Time to check in… when the allotted time has passed, check to see if they have been warmed up uniformly throughout. If it does not work, microwave them for an additional thirty seconds, and then test one of them again. Repeat the process until your hot dog has reached the desired level of doneness & remove your frank with extreme care.

  • Serve. Put the topping on it, then take a mouthful!


3. In the Oven


You can get the same charred flavor on hot dogs by roasting them in the oven as you would on the grill. This makes oven roasting a terrific alternative to grilling. Have a hankering for a delicious, charbroiled hot dog this winter? 


  • Turn oven temperature up to 400 degrees.

  • Place the hot dogs that you have on a pan or a tray.

  • You can use a casserole dish, a roasting pan, or even a baking tray. All of them will work just well (as long as it has a rim for catching juices). Prepare the dish for extra simple cleanup by lining it with foil.

  • Prepare food for fifteen minutes… keep an eye on your dogs. When they start to become a golden brown color and curl up little, you will know they are ready to be eaten.

  • Serve… remove the hot dogs from the oven, add the toppings, and then eat them.



Related Questions:

1. How to make hot dogs taste grilled without a grill?


In a skillet or a cast-iron pan of acceptable quality. Simply put some water into a pan that is preheated to a medium-high temperature and stir it around. After the water has come to a low boil, place the hot dogs in the skillet and continue to cook them while turning them frequently until they are evenly browned.


2. How are hot dogs supposed to be grilled on a gas grill?


  • Prepare a grill with the heat set to medium. Brush the grill grates with a little bit of oil.

  • When the hot dogs have reached the desired level of charring, approximately 5 to 7 minutes, turn them over and brush them with barbecue sauce during the final minute of cooking.

  • On the grill, for approximately thirty seconds, toast the buns. Place the hot dogs inside the buns and serve.


3. Best way to cook a lot of hot dogs?


  • Put the hot dogs in the slow cooker and cover it up with the lid.

  • Cook on a low heat for three to four hours, or on high heat for one to two hours.

  • To keep food warm when serving, put the oven on the warm setting.



Final Thoughts

What exactly did we study in class today?


Now that we are aware that grilling is not the only way to prepare hot dogs, even though it gives them a wonderful smokey flavor, is this approach the most efficient one?


That, however, is debatable and ultimately comes down to a matter of preference. It could be a little difficult to prepare meals on the grill if you are not familiar with how to use it.


The hot dog’s outside will burn before the interior reaches the ideal temperature since it is challenging to control the heat…


Burned hot dogs that have lost their moisture content are unpleasant to consume. Another common technique used by many people to make a quick hot dog fix at home is the microwave.


The microwave is not the best method for preparing hot dogs, despite the fact that it is a quick method. Enjoy the rest of your day, always stay safe, and treat others with respect. Until next time!

How to Grill Hot Dogs on Stove? (3 step simple process revealed)