How to Toast Pop Tarts? (the ultimate guide)

FACT: Pops Tarts have already been baked, so there is no need to reheat them before eating. On the other hand, a lot of folks like their Pop-Tarts warmed up in the toaster (including me).


When heated, Pop Tarts get a crust that is crispier and a filling that is more pleasantly gooey, which, in our opinion, improves the overall flavor (but that’s just my opinion)…


How to toast pop tarts?

Remove the pop tart from its foil and toast it upright. One session on low. Cool the pop tart before eating it.



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Is the microwave an appropriate heating method for pop tarts?

FYI: Even though the recommended way to heat pop tarts is in a toaster, the microwave is also a good option…


Heat the pastries on high for three seconds or until their temperature is just right, if they were in a package. If you cook them for too long, the fillings will get very hot, so be careful when you eat them to avoid getting burned.


FYI: Kellogg’s (the company that makes Pop-Tarts), doesn’t seem to agree on this (of course they wouldn’t). In North America, their packaging says to put them in the microwave for 3 seconds.


This is, without a doubt, a very short amount of time! We can only guess that this advice is given to keep customers from getting burned and having to go to court (nobody wants to get sued).


How to cook Pop-Tarts in the toaster?



1. Take the Pop-Tarts out of their original packaging. If you only want one, you can keep the other one sealed in a bag or container that won’t let air in.

2. Place the tarts in a toaster so that they are standing up (they won’t fit horizontally), and adjust the temperature to the lowest level. Start the process of heating it up; depending on your toaster, it should take one to two minutes.

3. Pick up each Pop Tart with your utmost care and place it on the dish provided. Never use a fork, knife, or any other metal instrument of any kind to remove food from a toaster.



How long should I heat a Pop-Tart in the microwave?

If you need to heat your Pop-Tarts in the microwave, just follow these steps:


  • Pop Tarts should be placed on a plate that is acceptable for use in the microwave after the foil package has been removed. If you do not remove the packaging, you should prepare for a minor fire, which has the potential to become a large fire.

  • According to the instructions provided by Kellogg’s, the best way to heat the dish is to position it in the center of the microwave for three seconds. As soon as you discover that this amount of time is insufficient, continue heating the tart in bursts of 5 seconds until you can feel that it is warm.

  • After removing the pastry, cut or break the tart in two to get an accurate reading of the temperature within. At this stage of the process, you need to exercise extreme caution so that you do not get burned.

Warning: even though the exterior of the Pop-Tart is not heated, the interior temperature can still reach deadly levels, as was indicated earlier. We strongly warn against heating Pop-Tarts in the microwave and then serving them to children or anybody else who won’t take precautions, especially because of the potential for burns. Before you start eating them, let them get a little bit cooler.


The proper way to consume pop tarts?

FYI: Pop Tarts can be a fantastic alternative to Graham Crackers for preparing s’mores, but they can also be enjoyed on their own…


They can be used as a topping for sweets such as parfaits, piled into desserts known as trifles, or blended into smoothies. Put a scoop of ice cream in the middle of two Pop-Tarts and press them together to produce a sandwich that everyone will want to steal.



3 Things You Should Know About Pop-Tarts When They Are Microwaved…

  • Remove Wrapping Before Heating:


Before you put the Pop-Tart in the microwave, you need to be sure that you have removed it from its packaging first. In the worst-case scenario, a fire might break out, but even if that doesn’t happen, you might end up with stale baked goods.


  • Distinctions Between Microwave and Toasting:


A Pop Tart that has been toasted is going to have a more satisfying flavor than one that has been heated in the microwave. After being heated in the microwave, the pastry will have a pliable texture; but, if it is kept in for an excessively long period of time, it may become waterlogged. Toasting gives Pop-Tarts a wonderful warm and crispy exterior, which makes the overall eating experience significantly more enjoyable.


  • Can Become Excruciatingly Warm:


There is a risk of the Pop-Tart pastry becoming overheated if it was heated for an excessive amount of time in the microwave. It is imperative that utmost caution be exercised because the icing and the filling may be extremely hot, and there is a possibility that they may cause burns if they come into contact with a person. Before you try to handle the Pop Tart, you need to let it cool down first.



Related Questions:

Do you toast Pop-Tarts in the foil?


Avoid tasting your Pop-Tart in the foil. First, discard the Pop-Tarts foil wrapping. If you don’t eat the second Pop Tart, seal it in a plastic bag and save it.


Can you eat pop tarts without toasting them?


Some people prefer room-temperature pop tarts, and that’s fine. Because they’re baked, they don’t need to be cooked before eating. If you want a tasty, chilled snack, try frozen.

How to Toast Pop Tarts? (the ultimate guide)