Should I Store Coffee Beans in The Fridge? (detailed guide)

FACT: Coffee is a must-have grocery item in almost every American home (you can say that again). It’s what wakes us up in the morning, and it’s the only way for sleepyheads everywhere to get things done (coffee rocks)…


Should I store coffee beans in the fridge?

If it came in a paper bag, you might want to move it to a plastic container with a tight lid, but make sure to keep it at room temperature and out of the light.



Don’t put your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer | How to Store?

Even if the coffee is in an airtight container, you shouldn’t put it in the fridge, whether it’s ground or whole beans. It’s not cold enough to keep your coffee fresh, and since coffee is a deodorizer, it will soak up all the smells in your fridge. This will definitely make your cup of coffee taste worse in the end.


Pulverized Beans:


FYI: Ground coffee should never be stored…


  • If you can, always grind your coffee right before you make it.

  • Make sure the type of grind you use is right for the way you brew. If the beans are too fine or too coarse, the flavor won’t be at its best.

  • Make sure to clean your grinder often. Fresh beans make different amounts of oil, and because of this oil, the coffee grinds in your grinder will start to stick together. This means that you need to clean out the grinds to make the grinder last longer and to make sure you don’t mix old coffee with freshly ground beans.

  • If you need to buy your coffee already ground, store it at room temperature in a vacuum-sealed container made of materials that won’t give your coffee a bad taste (ceramic is ideal).

  • Humidity has a big effect on the taste of ground coffee, which is why you shouldn’t keep ground beans for more than a week. But coffee experts say that ground coffee shouldn’t be kept for more than an hour.



Complete Beans:


If you want the freshest cup of coffee possible, you shouldn’t store more than a week’s worth of beans at once. This isn’t always possible, so if you know you’ll have beans for longer than a week, you can freeze them…


Things you need to do to keep your beans from getting freezer-burned:


  • A deep freezer is a better place to keep your beans than the freezer in your fridge because it doesn’t get opened as often.

  • Don’t store your coffee in paper; instead, try to keep it in the package it came in (usually foil or plastic.) When you order coffee at a Serious Coffee café, it is put in a paper bag with a liner. We chose bags instead of prepackaging our beans because we want them to be as fresh as possible. We also hope that the coffee will be used within a week so that it doesn’t have to be frozen.

  • To avoid freezer burn, put each bag in its own resealable freezer bag, container, jar, or other airtight container. Take out as much air as you can and don’t worry about the light. Your freezer is dark, so the few times you open it won’t hurt the food. I recommend that you keep our beans in the packaging we sent them in, because the valve will only let the gases out while keeping air from getting in.

  • To make sure your beans are still fresh, don’t keep them in the freezer for more than two weeks after you buy them. Whole beans can be kept in a deep freezer for up to two months, but we don’t recommend doing this.

  • Don’t take out more coffee than you need, and never put thawed beans back in the freezer.



Things that affect how fresh coffee is

Light, air, time, water, and buying ground coffee are the main things that affect how fresh coffee is:


Sunlight: Heat and UV rays from the sun can quickly take away the flavor of coffee beans.

Oxygen: Just like most food that goes bad, coffee’s organic molecules break down and lose their flavor when they’re exposed to oxygen for a long time. This is known as oxidation.

Time: Coffee will start to lose its freshness over time. That’s all there is to it!

Moisture: Because coffee beans are porous, they take on the flavors of the things around them when they are in moist, humid places.

When you buy Ground Coffee: The oxidation process goes faster when coffee beans are ground before they are brewed. Because more of the coffee is exposed to oxygen at once when it is ground, it goes bad faster than when the beans are still whole.


How long can coffee stay good?

The idea that freshness and quality go hand in hand is one of the most important things that specialty coffee has brought to the way people drink coffee all over the world.


In other words, it’s best to brew coffee as soon as possible after it’s been roasted. No matter how you brew your coffee, letting it sit for a while lets you get a more even flavor extraction, which makes your coffee taste sweeter and more balanced.


Based on this idea, I think you should start drinking brewed coffee 3 days after roasting and espresso 7 days after roasting. But there are many other things that affect how fresh coffee is.



Can you keep whole coffee beans fresh by freezing them?

If you want to keep whole coffee beans fresh for a long time, you can freeze them, but they must be in a vacuum-sealed container so that no moisture gets in…


If you take the beans out of the freezer and put them back in, moisture could get in. So, you should only store them if you have too many beans. Whole coffee beans can be kept in the freezer for up to six months.


Are coffee beans perishable?

No, is the short answer. Coffee beans don’t go bad or go out of date like milk or fresh food. The taste and smell will mostly go away, making the coffee less tasty…


If you open a bag of ground coffee, it’s best to use it within two weeks. An unopened bag can last up to five months, though…


After two weeks, the flavor starts to go away, but it doesn’t go bad like milk or fruit does. Even less time goes by for brewed coffee. It’s best to eat or drink it within the first 30 minutes or an hour, at most. But after about four hours, it’s still fine to drink.



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How to store coffee beans for 6 months

Vacuum-sealed roasted beans stay fresh for months. Whole bean coffee can last 6 to 9 months if sealed or airtight. Once opened, beans can last 6 months.


How to store ground coffee long term

The best way to keep ground coffee or whole coffee beans fresh is to store them in a dark, airtight container on a pantry shelf. It should be put somewhere dark, cool, and dry.

Should I Store Coffee Beans in The Fridge? (detailed guide)